The Ripple Effect: How Things are Connected in Ways We Don’t Usually Realize

Today I was working in my garden. While cutting branches on my wisteria, I kept hearing rustling sounds nearby, but when I turned to look, I saw nothing. I went on with my trimming, and continued to hear rustling, but again, upon turning, I saw nothing. I thought maybe my friend was playing a trick on me.

This continued for about ten minutes until I was done trimming the wisteria. But towards the end of the trimming, I realized I’d cut back and inadvertently exposed too much of the plant and the bare wall. Then, because I’d inadvertently exposed so much of the wall by cutting so much of the plant, I quite unexpectedly saw a wire that the wisteria plant was actually attached to, and when I followed that wire along the wall, I noticed other plants were also attached to the same wire about 10 feet away.

As I had been nudging, cutting, and trimming the wisteria, this wire was being tugged, putting tension on the plant about ten feet away and causing the gentle rustling sound I had heard. To my surprise, it had actually been me who had been causing the rustling noise nearby.

I was surprised, not only with my discovery, but with the fact that my awareness had been so dense as to not realize what I’d been doing: creating my own undoing, and thinking someone or something else was actually doing it.

This led to an “a-ha” moment for me. I suddenly realized the interconnection of things that we don’t often think are related. In other words, in the same way I had inadvertently been causing the rustling of the plant 10 feet away, due to the interconnection with the wire, I must also be causing other rippling effects that I am constantly unaware of, or unconscious of.

In fact, we all do this all the time. In the same way I was rustling the leaves on the other plant, we are all rustling the “leaves” on the adjacent “plants” all day long. It’s similar to the effect we see when we drop a pebble in water, and watch the ripples resulting from the drop of the pebble.

A Practical Example: Today, one of my patients was asking about his eczema, moles, and warts. He had read some of the articles in my book, and was beginning to piece together the theories I was discussing.

According to the theory – and this is a basic premise of holistic medicine, and homeopathic health in general – everything in the body is interconnected. And it’s this interconnection that gives us the basic premise of how disease occurs.

My patient explained that he had his eczema in the past, and that it would reoccur during times of stress or tension. He said he was tired of this and wanted to get rid of it once and for all.

I told him there was a way for him to achieve his goal, but that we would first need to detoxify his liver, colon, and kidneys a little and then give him a homeopathic remedy that related to the skin. I assured him that he was on the right track and that the various body systems were interconnected, and that stress could indeed trigger the skin issue.

At his next consultation, we discussed more of the interconnectedness of some of the various organs and how the mental and emotional functions interconnect in somewhat mysterious ways. He noticed that when he had his moles removed in the past, they would often grow back in the same or different places nearby, and he asked if it was possible to also get rid of the moles completely.

I shared with him many success stories where I had patients see their moles fall off and their eczema clear up, but that he should not expect it to be a quick, overnight process. He agreed and wanted to commit to the process, which would include acupuncture, Chinese herbs for detoxification, changes in diet to help detoxify the liver, and homeopathy.

We worked together over a period of two years. The eczema actually disappeared rather quickly, but the moles took much longer. We used a number of homeopathic remedies, including Thuja, Sulphur, Kali mur, and others. We did acupuncture every two to four weeks, and he did his best to eliminate sugar and fried foods from his diet.

He’s become a regular patient, and I now see him once a month for a tune-up acupuncture treatment. Occasionally, if he has a cold or flu, he’ll call in and get a homeopathic remedy for his acute symptoms. But other than that, his skin problems are under control and he is quite happy with the results.

Understanding the interconnectedness of all symptoms in the body will help you through your treatment. It will make sense when you begin to see your symptoms alternate and see new symptoms arise. Not only are we all interrelated to each other on a macro level, but on the micro level, everything in our bodies is also interconnected.

This has now been shown by modern science with the discovery of motor neurons; what we feel from those around us actually creates interconnections between us and those we are in communication with.

And there is a new field of medicine that has gone beyond body-mind medicine, or bio-neuro-immunology……it’s called Bio-Cognition. And it is explaining many of the important emotional, immunological, hormonal, mental, and other interconnections we all have within ourselves. These interconnections dictate our health. We can take better control of our health when we begin to understand the meaning of these interconnections.

I recently heard a great audio on this subject. Let me share it with you now. It’s from a Sounds True interview with the founder of Bio-Cognition. He is explaining the interconnections between body – mind and spirit, and how these can affect our health. It’s one of the best simple explanations I have heard. I hope you will enjoy it.

Wonderful Audio on the Body – Mind – Spirit Connection in us all

The Ripple Effect: How Things are Connected in Ways We Don’t Usually Realize
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