The Importance of Follow-Through
There is so much I’d like to say. But we are all so busy and who has the time to read a lot of content in an email? So I’ve tried to distill down the most important year end message I think I have.
And here it is:
A constant source of frustration for me is the lack of follow-through for some of my patients. I have patients return after 6, 9 12, 24 months or more, and tell me the same story over and over. The story goes something like this:
“I felt so great after your treatment. But then the positive affects seem to have worn off. So I’m back now for you to work your miracles again.”
I’m not really sure how to communicate the way holistic medicine works is to remove the actual cause of the problem. It is not a cover-up like most Western medical approaches.
……..and for the treatment to be effective, you have to prioritize it in your busy life….
And to actually change and remove the source of the problem takes a lot of time. So if you only come long enough to feel the initial “feel good”, it’s almost guaranteed that the problem will return.
This is not Western medicine, where you just take a magic pill, or have a magic surgery, and then you are all better. While I”m not at all against using Western medical magical pills and surgery, when needed; in most cases, we can create a much deeper and more meaningful healing by using Western, combined with complementary medicine.
It is of absolute importance to continue with a maintenance program if you really want to change your situation and the imbalances that caused your problem.
This means monthly acupuncture tune-up treatments, and/or a new homeopathic prescription every 2-4 months, depending on your problems.
As well, you will need to be taking some Chinese herbs based on your constitution, take your vitamins and nutrient formulas, fish oils, probiotics, enzymes for digestion and healing, and continue your dietary and nutritional changes. You also will also feel better if you keep to a good exercise program, and incorporate prayer, stress-reduction, and meditation into your daily routine.
Finally, you will need to get a complete blood test annually to check for chemical imbalances. (Please ask me for the list.)
This is based on my experience in treating what must be thousands of patients since 1983. This is what I’ve found to really work.
I hope you don’t mind me sharing this, my most personal thoughts with you as the year comes to a close. But I really care about you, and I’m really invested in seeing everyone get healthier. And so it’s in this vein that I”m sharing what I’ve found to be true.
My prayer for you/us for year’s end and the coming 2012:
May we live day-by-day in increasing awareness and consciousness, and receive increasingly perfect and clear feedback from the universe on how our subconscious shadow, and conscious manifests in our lives. May we grow in our ability to hear, feel, see and integrate this feedback, and creatively process it. Then may we increasingly manifest those intentions we want for ourselves, our friends, family, community, and the entire universe, based on the integrative feedback we are receiving and processing. Blessings and Hugs for all.
Shalom, Peace, and May you be filled with ever-increasing Balance and Serenity,

I look forward to working with you in developing a personalized treatment program to address your individual = mind = body = spirit = health needs using:
The Importance of Follow Through is Effective Treatment
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