The Flu: Preventing and Treating – by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, PhD, LAc.
It appears we may be entering the flu season so I wanted to give you some resources to both prevent and treat the flu – or a bad cold. With weather so erratic, be sure to carry a jacket and scarf and stay warm at night or in a wind. Keep your neck covered.

To boost your immunity you can use the following:






*Vitamins C, B, E, and Beta Carotene

*Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Use Homeopathic Osciocoxcinum and Influenzinum as well

To treat your symptoms use Homeopathic:

*Bryonia: cough, achy, fevers, want to just be left alone and remain quiet

*Nux vomica: irritable, stuffy or runny nose, good for detox, headaches, constipation

*Gelsemium: Chills, fever, run down, trouble sleeping

*Aconite: First stage if you have been out in the cold, or windy weather

*Arsenicum alb: extremely irritable or anxious, may have digestive upset along with the cold or flu

*Sulphur: hot, thirsty for cold water, skin rash, and long lasting cough

*Pulsatilla: with a lot of sinus problems and body aches, feeling warm

*Belladonna: spasmodic coughing and fever

*Causticum: intense dry, teasing cough with body aches and possible urinary leakage when coughing.

Regular acupuncture: to help boost the immune system and prevent the cold or flu.

I you have the Laser be sure to be using it on the thymus gland twice daily for 20 minutes each time

Dietary Considerations: Cut out gluten, dairy, fried foods, pork, and each organic protein and cooked vegetables, miso soup, and other warm soups and teas.

Drink apple cider vinegar in warm water with a pinch of cayenne and/or warm water with organic lemon or lime juice.

Email the doctor for a phone or email consult if you would like more information or clarification

The Flu – Prevention and Treatment
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