1. Never share your make-up, toothbrush, combs or hair brush. Be careful when testing cosmetics in stores never to use products which others have touched. Shared make-up spreads bacteria, viruses, fungi and possibly herpes.
  2. Never sneeze or cough into your hands. Use a tissue and immediately discard it.
  3. Wash your hands often, especially after coming into contact with others, and always before wiping your face or nose. Cold viruses are spread by shaking hands, touching doorknobs, etc.
  4. Use a tissue when touching toilet seat handles or door knobs in the public restrooms when at all possible.
  5. Avoid others who may be infected. Ask your co-workers to stay at home when they feel sick and are sneezing.
  6. Avoid plane travel if possible, since the air is recirculated.
  7. Eighty percent of illness enters through the membranes of the nose and eyes. Purchase the personal ozone generator advertised in this newsletter to protect you while flying.
  8. Take plenty of buffered Vitamin C, dry or emulsified vitamin E, beta carotene and add the appropriate herbs and homeopathic remedies to your daily regimen. See Dr. Martin’s book for specific remedies.
  9. Get plenty of quality rest, take naps when possible, don’t “stuff” your feelings, and exercise daily.
Simple Measures for Prevention Against Colds, Infection & Disease
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