Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety

In this study of homeopathic management of depression done in Australia, the researchers wanted to see if homeopathy could be effectively used to treat depression or anxiety. The research appeared in The Complementary Therapies in Medicine magazine, 2007; 15(3):199-206.

The study stated that depression and anxiety are two of the most common problems that people seek assistance for when going to complementary medical practitioners.

Of the homeopaths polled, anxiety was the 2nd most common condition treated and depression was the 5th most common condition treated. Many cases that were studied included both anxiety and depression.

80% of the patients studied used both conventional medication along with homeopathy. 60% used other complementary therapies, usually counseling and psychotherapy.

The authors concluded that homeopathy is an excellent form of treatment for depression when combined with therapy and counseling techniques.


Homeopathy for Hot Flashes

In this study, women receiving homeopathic treatment for menopausal hot flashes were studied from data received from 99 physicians in 8 countries. 5% of the women were using non-homeopathic treatments at the same time.

90% of the women reported disappearance or lessening of their symptoms. These changes mostly took place within 15 days of starting the homeopathic treatment.

The authors of the article concluded that homeopathic treatment is effective for hot flashes and called for further studies to include randomized controlled trials.

Research: Homeopathy for Depression, Anxiety or Hot Flashes
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