Do You Get Acupuncture Yourself?I must be asked once daily, “Dr. Martin, do you receive acupuncture yourself?”

And the answer is, “Yes, of course I do!”

For those who have not read my book with my personal story of how I discovered acupuncture, suffice it to say, that the way I first got into acupuncture was that I went to an acupuncturist who so impressed me, that I decided to study it myself.

So……this week my back “went out” and I started needling myself. And it never ceases to amaze me how well acupuncture does work for pain control. Two patients this past week reminded me that the reason they keep coming back is because of how quickly and effectively acupuncture has worked on their chronic knee pain.

But I’m always the skeptic, and forget how well it works, even though I”m being told daily how much everyone likes it. Today I did it on myself, despite it being hard to reach around to treat oneself on the back. But other then me, what other acupuncturist is open to treat me on a Sunday?

When I took the needles out after only about 10 minutes, I really was surprised that the reduction in pain was so significant.

Yes – I believe in it and I do it on myself, and I get it from other acupuncturists. Why? Because it works!

What I find really funny is when I tell someone at the market or standing in line at a checkout stand what I do, and they ask, “Do you really believe in that?

Well, it’s not a religion! Ha….. and all the insurance companies wouldn’t be reimbursing for it if it didn’t work so well.

A quick Google Search for Low Back Pain and Acupuncture reveals many studies on its effectiveness.

Here is one such study showing the pain and healing time is reduced significantly by using acupuncture.

Question: “Do You Get Acupuncture On Yourself?”
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