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Online Homeopathic Consults Now Available

A number of patients who have moved away have recently inquired if they can continue to be treated from a distance.


It’s increasingly common in the computer age, to work together via email or phone.

We can do either brief follow up questions for simple problems like cold/flu/allergies/sprained ankles/etc.

Or we can do a more comprehensive consultation for your longer-term problems like PMS, headaches, MS, Parkinson’s, High Blood Pressure, Back Pain, Anxiety, Addictions, Eating Disorders, etc.

Or was can do a medium consult if your problems are more resent.

Of course we can also always order tests, like blood work or saliva and urine neurotransmitter testing.

Just shoot an email to the doctor to get started.

Pricing ranges from $20 – $295 depending on lenth of the consult.

In Health,

Dr Randy Martin, OMD, CCH
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Certified Classical Homeoapth

Online Homeopathic Consults Available
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