New Years Resolution – Start Taking Your Supplements



Summary: Everyone needs the most basic supplements, which include:

*Omega 3, 6, 9 Oils



*Multi Vitamin/Mineral Fromula for your age and gender

*CoQ10 for your cardio-vascular system

*Individualized program based on symptoms and blood analysis

We all need vitamin and mineral supplements — Right? With our higher levels of awareness for our body’s health and healing process, who could logically say: “No—-not me, I don’t need vitamins?”

One might say that medical doctors and many scientific investigators don’t believe in the need for supplements, but this is no longer true. In recent classes I’ve taught to medical doctors throughout the Los Angeles area, I’ve seen an incredible interest among many physicians and an honest desire to learn what’s best for their patients. Many of these docs are taking vitamins, herbs and other supplements themselves and seeing firsthand that they really work!

Some of the most common reasons for taking vitamin and mineral supplements are:

1. Large-scale commercial agra-business has depleted our soils of nutrients. Soil has been scientifically researched and found to be deficient in many necessary minerals. Organically grown food is much better, and richer in vitamins and nutrients, but is more costly and still hard to obtain for our everyday needs.

2. Pesticides are used around our homes, are found in most of the foods we eat, and are hidden in the form of ant and roach “hotels”, moth balls, mildew removers, fungicides, termite eradication and others. These pesticides inevitably get into our body.

3. Other environmental pollutants also claim a toll on the body, creating a need for more anti-oxidants and other minerals and vitamins.

4. Smog: Living in Los Angeles, we are all subject to the effects of poor air quality. Breathing smog on a daily basis depletes the body of anti-oxidants.

5. Smoking, prescription medications, recreational drugs and alcohol deplete the body of valuable nutrients and electrolytes. This is why most people who smoke have a lot of dental and bone density problems: The minerals needed to build healthy teeth and bones have been leached out of the system.

6. Electromagnetic Field Pollution is everywhere. From airports, cell phones, X-Rays, MRI’s, radio waves, microwaves, television and computer screens, we are constantly bombarded by radiation in every direction we turn. If you own an electro-magnetic field detector as I do, you’d be amazed by measuring the amount of daily radiation you are subjected to. Radiation alters your electro-magnetic field, your chi/energy, and personal gravitational center, thus causing stress-induced depletion of minerals and vitamins.

7. We all live under tremendous stress. Unless you live in the desert and are on retreat 100% of the time, it’s likely that your endocrine system, including your adrenal glands and thyroid, are functioning on overdrive much of the time. Stress depletes the body of its essential nutrients, including vital antioxidants and electrolytes.

8. The “Quickening” — Few could argue that we perceive time as speeding up. The physical body is dealing with a constant onslaught of energy, the mental body is constantly overwhelmed by too much data and information, and the emotional body is being called upon to integrate and make sense of all this additional information. All of this contributes to stress, which depletes the body by sending it into “overdrive” much of the time.

But which supplements are the best ones for your particular body and mind? Although we are all mostly exposed to the same common environmental problems, not everyone needs the same products.


Our bodies vary tremendously, and so do our physiological needs.

In 1996, Dr. Roger Williams, the scientist who discovered Pantothenic Acid, wrote a book called Biochemical Individuality. In this book, he discusses various research studies demonstrating people’s unique needs.

This is why the best way to determine your individual needs is through individualized testing and analysis. And the most reliable form of testing uses the blood.

Health is relative, and a person who doesn’t have a known disease is not necessarily healthy. So the best way to analyze blood chemistry is in terms of “optimum” rather than “normal.”

Your blood is alive! By that I mean that your blood is electrically charged. Each mineral molecule in the blood carries either a positive or negative electrical charge. Each negative charge is attracted to a positive charge and each positive charge is attracted to a negative charge.

Problems like insomnia, low or high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, fluid retention, arthritis, colitis, constipation, allergies or asthma all begin to make sense when we look at the blood in this way.

Looking at the typical blood chemistry analysis and CBC, I have an entire picture of exactly which organs are weak, or “under-active,” and strong, or “over-active,” from the point of view of Chinese medicine.

Taken together, these two methods of blood test analysis give a very clear indication of which supplements and herbs are needed to bring the body into balance for optimal functioning.

New Years Supplement Recommendations
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