Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Bronchitis:

The following was taken from a great article in the November/December 2007 issue of Homeopathy Today, the publication by the National Center for Homeopathy. If you are new to homeopathy, please be sure to follow the basic rules:

*Don’t touch the remedies – just tap them onto your tongue and suck on them.

*Nothing in the mouth for 20 minutes before and after your remedy.

There are others, but these are some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies that you may try on your own for treatment of acute bronchitis. If you find your cough isn’t better in a few days, you either have not chosen the correct remedy, or your problem is more serious, and you need to consult your Medical Doctor and Holistic Health Care Practitioner.


Phosphorus – Cough is worse going from cold air to warm air or vice versa. Good for hard, racking, burning coughs, with tightness and weight in the chest. It tend to be a dry cough at night but in the morning there may be mucus. Tickling in the throat may trigger the cough. There may be a desire for cold or iced drinks. The person who needs this remedy is using out-going, with many social contacts and lot’s of fun to be with.

Pulsatilla – Loose cough in he morning and much mucus, but at night the cough will become dry, and you might have to sit up to get some relief. The mucus is green and thick and the chest feels sore, with shortness of breath, anxiety and worse in a warm room. The individual needing this remedy is usually of a pleasant nature, and nurturing type.

Rumex cripus – This remedy is known for having a deep healing effect on the entire respiratory system. There is usually a tickling in the throat pit which causes the coughing. Cold air will make the cough worse, and covering up the entire body and the mouth with the hand will make the cough better.

Squilla maritima – This remedy will be indicated if there is a bubbling sound when fluids are present in the lungs with shortness of breath and runny nose and sneezing. There may be a painful constriction and heaviness in the chest. The cough is worse when taking a deep breath and by cold drinks and from going from warm to cold air.

Sulphur – This remedy is one of the more common to homeopathy and is used for a wide variety of problems, especially when there are skin problems along with the cough. If there is a prickly itching rash, hives or another red rash along with the bronchitis, then it might respond well to Sulphur. The cough may wake you up at night and there might be a loose, rattling that produces greenish mucus.

Good luck with trying homeopathy. When you find the right remedy, it’s like magic. Those of you who have witnessed this, will confirm that fact. If you are attracted to homeopathy, then I encourage you to buy a few books and educate yourself. If you call the Homeopathic Educational Services at 800 359 9051 and they will guide you to the right books for your interest level.

*Take your immune vitamins: Zinc, E, Beta Carotene, C.
*Take your Immune herbs: Mushrooms, Yin Chiao, Jade Screen, Gan Mao Ling, RSP, and others.
*Avoid gluten and dairy products, both of which will often cause more mucus.
*Stay hydrated and drink plenty of warm tea and use a humidifier at night Be sure not to wait too long if you are not getting results, without consulting your Medical Doctor and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. You don’t want to allow your immune system to get depleted. Then it will take much longer to get well.

Natural Treatment for Bronchitis
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