Is Your Oil Warning Light On?
If your oil warning light goes on in your car, do you ignore it?
I was at a meeting tonight and there was a gentleman who shared a story of his oil warning light being on for 6 months before he finally checked it. And it wasn’t until he told his younger sister, AND SHE INSISTED —- and showed him how.
How many of us don’t know how to check out the oil level in our car? Hopefully if you don’t know, you will take it to a mechanic — Right?
I’m using your car as a metaphor for your body.
A patient today came to me to treat her Anxiety, PMS, Weight Gain and Fatigue.
I insisted on her getting a blood test because her Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis showed major problems.
Her tongue had a very deep crack in the center and thick coating, and her pulses indicated very weak Chi. (Chi is the word for energy in Chinese medicine.)
She asked me if she was going to be ok?

Just as you wouldn’t ignore your oil warning light, why ignore your physical symptoms?
??Are they not indications of a deeper imbalance – and sometimes a very serious imbalance??
I can quickly assess your health by a Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis.
We will then develop a program that will turn “your oil warning light” OFF
…….all pretty simple……
I encourage you to call or email me to set an appointment to discuss the meaning of YOUR
“oil warning light”………
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