drrandymartin.com LOW BACK PAIN Question: Can you Help Back Pain? I am contacting you today because I haven’t been feeling the best that I could be, in regards to my health. I have a recurring back pain that resurfaces once or twice every year and just recently, I have been seeing a chiropractor for my neck and shoulder pain as a result of a rear-ended car collision. I was wondering, in your honest/genuine opinion, if acupuncture or holistic medicine can help me and to what degree it can help me. Answer: The simple answer is Yes – Acupuncture will Definitely Help Relieve Your Pain Now the longer answer: 1. Acupuncture works great on neck, shoulder and back pain, whether due to auto accidents or due to other, more chronic, problems. 2. Usually when someone is not healing from a car accident, it’s because it catalyzed, or “kicked in” some deeper imbalance. It might be related to nutrition, stress, sleep, exercise, lifesyle issues, or other problems that will be discovered as I get to know you personally. 3. There are two ways for us to approach treatments: Option A. Just do acupuncture. This works, especially if there are no underlying imbalances! Many people with back pain report that after a few treatments, they feel much better. Option B. Have a longer consulation, and a longer-term strategy, allowing me determine the underlying imbalances in your body, based on you complete history, blood analysis, diet or other lab work, in addition to the Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis. Then we create a plan based on acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, supplements, and homeopathy. 4. Most patients never know quite what to do when deciding between option A and option B. We all want a simple solution. 5. I have found that the people who have a committment to work with me over a long time make considerable strides towards feeling better over-all, and of course, their initial complaint or pain is also taken care of. 7. Now, after the initial problem is better, I usually see people monthly for a tune – up acupuncture treatment, and to assess if the herbal and homeopathic and nutritional program is working. If it stops working, then we sit down and see why not, and create a new and different program. 8. With our normal life stress, most people can really benefit from getting on a program like this. 9. Many of my patients start with just acupuncture alone, and when they see how effective acupuncture really is, they then choose to delve deeper into more of the underlying issues. 10. I like to work as a team, and if you already are having good results with your chiropractor, I would stick with him or her. I like my patients to get a massage, chiropractic, and sometimes counseling or therapy, as well as to have an MD they trust and who is open to working as a team. I am a firm believer in this teamwork approach to better health. 11. Acupuncture is almost always covered by insurance. Either you can call your company to see, or you can check on-line to see if your policy includes coverage for acupuncture. Yours, In Health, Naturally, Dr Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, PhD, QME, MUP, CCHDoctor of Chinese MedicineCertified Classical Homeopath Encino Office: MAILING ADDRESSTuesday and Thursday11:30 am – 7:30 pm17000 Ventura Blvd #220Encino, CA 91316Telephone: 818 905 6171 West Los Angeles/Santa Monica Office: Monday & Wednesday12:30 pm -7:30 pm1444 Carmelina Blvd #132West Los Angeles, CA 90025Telephone: 310 979 6495 Santa Clarita:Saturday1:00 – 6:00 pmMotion Pros Physical Therapy27141 Hidaway Ave. #207Canyon Country, CA 91351Telephone: 661 312 9868 Email: drrandymartin@gmail.comOn the Web: www.drrandymartin.com

Low Back Pain with Acupuncture
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