Introduction to Acupuncture and Women’s Health
by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME, PhD, MUP
Doctor of Chinese Medicine – Certified Classical Homeopath

Any Symptom Is a Sign of “Blockage”
Acupuncture is a medical art and science that has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in China. It works by moving the body’s energy, or “chi,” to release blockages that have formed from poor diet, an adverse lifestyle, chemicals in the environment, or stress.
Acupuncture Could Spell Good-Bye to PMS
PMS symptoms are caused by hormone blockages in the ovaries. Women can say good-bye to this monthly nightmare through a program that includes acupuncture, exercise and dietary adjustments.
The dietary strategy primarily aims at eliminating fried foods, refined sugars and refined carbohydrates, and eating whole grains and protein. Fruits and vegetables are also added, but are not of as much importance as the whole grains and protein, since the minerals and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can also be supplemented in a good multi-mineral/vitamin formula.
People of Asian descent, people of color, and Ashkenazi Jews may also have to stop eating dairy products to eliminate skin problems and to help with digestion, but this is determined on an individual basis.
The Acupuncture Facelift Is Here
Two other wonder acupuncture treatments that may result in a more youthful countenance are the acupuncture facelift and breast augmentation. Isn’t that just the be all and end all?
You can forget plastic surgery and risky cosmetics. Instead, you can take wrinkles and sags away through a procedure using small stainless steel needles on your face or breasts and on complementary points on your hands and feet. Along with the treatment, the acupuncturist will also use special herbal supplements to make the treatment even more effective.
This tightens the skin and gives added tone. Each area relates to a different part of the body. So depending on where the wrinkles or sags are located, the acupuncturist will also treat those corresponding specific energy pathways.
The area outside the lips is governed by the large intestines. The acupuncturist will work on strengthening the intestines with points on the hands and stomach, as well as placing needles on the area near the lips.
And Crow’s Feet Can Go Poof
The crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes pertain to the gall bladder. The acupuncturist will use needles on those lines as well as points on the hands and feet that govern gall bladder function. Treatment will be given twice a week for ten weeks and then stopped for a couple of months to evaluate the results before repeating, since the body needs to rebalance. Herbs are also taken during this period of regrouping.
Larger, Healthier Breasts without Surgery
And for ladies who would like to have larger, healthier-looking breasts, acupuncture and herbs will help you too. There is a breast enhancement protocol that does not require surgery. It’s similar to the facelift. Liver and kidney organs control the breasts. I use herbs to strengthen those organs, along with acupuncture on the stomach, legs and breasts and a special herbal supplement to encourage breast growth and firmness.
This breast enlargement treatment works best for women up to their mid-30’s, although women in their 40’s and 50’s might also benefit, but to a lesser degree.
Acupuncture Begins to Meld with Traditional Western Medicine
Acupuncture is now usually covered by your health insurance, so treatment might not be as expensive as you might expect.
A complete treatment plan usually means about ten acupuncture sessions, supplemented by an herbal supplement and a homeopathic remedy. Specific treatment is often based on blood, hair and stool tests.
There are specific Chinese herbal combinations and special vitamin-mineral formulas, specifically age-based for teens, women up to age 40 and women over 40. Proponents of conventional “Western” medicine have increasingly begun to accept alternative medicine. Western-trained medical doctors and complementary-trained practitioners often work in tandem, taking the best of both worlds to treat medical and psychological problems.
Introduction to Woman’s Health and Acupuncture Treatments
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