Which Treatment is Best for Me?
Q: Why Use Homeopathy Instead of Herbs?

A: I tell most of my patients to use both at the same time.

Use herbs for your immediate problem and homeopathy to eliminate the long-term source of the problem.
Herbs work more like drugs, but without the side effects which often accompany drugs.

Homeopathy works on a cellular and energetic level to re-program the cells to make you healthier overall and to eliminate the cause of the problem, thereby preventing it from coming back.

Q: Why Use Acupuncture?

A: Acupuncture works on the 12 meridians and organs in the body. It works to re-direct energy so that it flows properly. When your energy flows without obstruction, the body functions better and there is no pain. When the energy is blocked, it causes all kinds of problems, such as pain, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, allergies, high blood pressure, etc.
Q: Why should i change my diet?
A: Some foods can be toxic to some individuals. If you are eating a particular food that your body considers as toxic, then it will create weight gain, headaches, allergies, toxicity and other disease processes. It’s important to identify those foods and eliminate them so you will feel better and get healthy overall.
Q: Why get blood and other tests?
A: Blood, saliva, stool, and urine testing will give you information that is impossible to obtain in any other way. We can tell what your cholesterol is, if you are anemic, if you are low in calcium or magnesium, if you have lead or mercury poisoning, if your testosterone, estrogen, thyroid or adrenal hormones are too low or high, and if the neurotransmitters circulating in your brain are keeping you sharp, and your memory functioning well. Stool tests check for candida, yeast, parasites, blood and other digestive functions. Many people have parasites and don’t realize it. It’s a good idea to check it out at least once.
Getting well involves so much more than just covering up your symptoms. That would be like unscrewing the oil warning light on your car. I encourage you to make a commitment to your health, on a deeper level, and take the first steps that feel most comfortable for you.
Insurance often covers all or part of your treatment and testing.

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Homeopathy or Herbs? Which is Best
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