Good News: Homeopathy on Oprah this Tuesday

Homeopathy on Oprah!!!
The International Homeopathic Community is buzzing about the news that this Tuesday, October 30th, Oprah will be interviewing some well-known people who use and have high regard for homeopathic medicine. Since the segment has not yet aired, I don’t know how much of the program will actually be about homeopathy, or whether there will just be a brief mention of homeopathy. But I wanted to pass the word on to you, so that you could record the program or tell friends about it if you are so inclined. Specifically, the super model, Cindy Crawford, is going to be interviewed, and apparently, she and her husband Rande, use homeopathy, and she is going to discuss it. The current book on the Oprah book club list, Love in the a Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, also discusses homeopathy in a favorable light. By the way, the name of the show this Tuesday is, “What the Style-Makers Can’t Live Without.” I remember last year, when Oprah was shown trying acupuncture on her show, it was a big boost in the national acceptance of acupuncture. Hopefully, this exposure will do the same for homeopathy. A recently published book called, The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy by Dana Ullman, MPH, offers a fascinating history of homeopathy’s advocacy by some of the most important historical and cultural leaders and heroes now and in the past. Needless to say, for those of us living in the Los Angeles area, homeopathy is fast becoming almost a main-stream medicine. It’s an everyday ocurance now for my patient’s to report that their medical doctor told them to take Arnica for a bruise or some other homeopathic remedy for a cold or when having dental work or surgery. This is heart-warming. To see the integration of the so-called alternative medicines into the mainstream of Western medicine, offers us all the hope of a truly integrated health-care system, where we can pick and choose from the best of both worlds for our particular needs and the needs of our families and friends.

Homeopathy on Oprah this Tuesday
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