DID YOU KNOW? …… about the new Homeopathy Act in Ontario?

Update from Canada
On June 4, 2007, the Ontario government passed Bill 171 creating a College of Homeopaths.

The new Homeopathy Act calls for the formation of a Transitional Council that will develop and implement regulations, by-laws and policies relating to the ethics and standards of practice of homeopathy in Ontario. As many as nine individuals from the homeopathic community will be appointed to this council.


Alternative Medicine, Issue 98, June 2007, p. 90, Rx Fixes for Feline Bladder Infections, discusses the use of diet, homeopathy and supplements to help this common problem.

New Study Shows Homeopathy as Effective as Conventional Treatment for Acute Ear and Respiratory Conditions but with Faster Response Times and Fewer Adverse Drug Reactions

A new study comparing homeopathic treatment with conventional treatment in a primary care setting shows homeopathy comparing more than favourably with conventional treatment for the treatment of acute respiratory and ear complaints. While both groups responded very similarly over the time parameters the onset of improvement within the first 7 days after treatment was significantly faster with homeopathic treatment both in children and adults. Adverse drug reactions occurred more frequently in adults of the conventional group than in the homeopathic group whereas in children the occurrence of adverse drug reactions was not significantly different. www.homeopathy-ecch.org European Council on Classical Homeopathy

United Kingdom
In previous newsletters, we have shared with our readers news of some of the difficulties being experienced by English homeopaths. We now learn that Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK) has accepted homeopathy into their health care system as part of the ‘big Five’ Complementary and Alternative Medicines, and Scotland continues to support General Practitioners’ referrals to the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

The Baltimore, MD Homeopathic Study Group has created a very good website that explains its mission and its activities. They have included several links to other homeopathic information and news. www.homeopathy.inbaltimore.org

The June 2007 issue of Lake & Sumter STYLE [FL] magazine has an interview with NCH Past President Jean Hoagland in their “Naturally Healthy” column on p. 34 — Homeopathy Is A Growing Health Care Movement. www.lakeandsumterstyle.com


If you visit Grgich Vineyards in California, you will find a big display in the winery explaining their activities, and the word “homeopathic” is used. On the web site, they call it “biodynamic”, but when you read the description of what they are doing, the principles are homeopathic.

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