In this study reported in the journal Chest, a mainstream medical journal, published in 2005 (127:9360941), a randomized clinical trial demonstrated that the homeopathic remedy, Kali bichromicum 30C, significantly decreases the amount of tenacious, stringy tracheal secretions in critically ill patients with a history of tobacco use and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Fifty COPD patients were receiving either Kati bichromicum 30C or placebo. The remedy was taken twice daily . Not only was the amount of tracheal secretions reduced significantly, but also extubation (removal of a tube from the trachea) could be performed earlier, and the length of stay in the hospital was shorter in the homeopathically treated group.

My Comments:

This is another great example of how scientific studies are supporting the use of effective homeopathic remedies. I see this remedy, Kali bichromicum, work wonders on a daily basis in my practice, especially for kids and adults with colds and the flu. This remedy is great at breaking up the mucus after a cold, especially when it’s stringy and tenacious. Other remedies for mucus include Allium cepa for hay fever symptoms, and Antimonium tart for coughing when it’s hard to get the mucus to come up out of the lungs.

Other good remedies for cough are Bryonia, when the cough is better laying still and Tuberculinum, when we have an infant with coughing. Also Drosera, for the croupy type of cough, and Aconite, when the cough or cold comes on after being under the air conditioner or a cool wind after being outdoors in the hot sun.

Homeopathy for Mucus
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