Reverse Breast Cancer

Dr. Jahangir Satti, PhD.

The author, Jahangir Satti, Ph.D., is a practicing Chief Radiation Oncology Physicist and a 2nd generation homeopath. He worked as post-doc Fellow at the University of Michigan and Stanford University in Diagnostic and Radiation Oncology Physics respectively. Dr. Satti has authored about two dozens research articles and conference abstracts.

This book discusses many aspects of breast cancer – its causes, protection, types, detection, treatment (conventional and alternative) and metastasis – and includes the most detailed references to homeopathic medicines presently available.

“Dr. Satti has done an excellent job in explaining the mechanics (physiology) of cancer. He gives a good synopsis of detection, symptoms, and conventional treatment options. Prevention of disease is the best cure. I agree that there is no single magic source. This requires a lifestyle change (i.e. avoidance of toxins, healthy diet, exercise, adequate water intake, avoidance of certain medication use). Balance is the key. Our diet should consist of a variety of foods and use of monounsaturated fats. Society today has a tendency toward overuse of vitamins, minerals, and elective surgeries. I find the herbal and homeopathic remedies very enlightening. This is a profound statement, “It is not the cancer that kills the patient, but the weakened system.”
-Parker Gwen M.D., Radiation Oncologist and Homeopath

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Dr. Martin’s Comments – While actually reversing breast cancer is very controversial and the aspects of doing so are obviously complicated, this book appears to offer suggestions for anyone who wants to protect the breast tissue and help to possibly prevent future problems.  The best prevention is always to be informed.  I have not read this book, the review looks very interesting and I wanted to make my readers aware of the various options available to them when considering treatments.  The prevention part is what I like, with an emphasis on diet, eliminating toxin, and adequate exercise, etc.

Holistic Help for Healthy Breast – New Book by Doctor / Physicist