Holistic Concierge Service

by Dr Randy Martin, OMD

So here is the story: a month or so ago, I received a brochure in the mail from my old primary care PPO doctor informing me that he was now accepting patients on his new concierge program and would no longer be accepting PPO insurance patients.

For those of you not familiar with the term, concierge medicine has become increasingly popular over the last few years as insurance companys have reduced their reimbursement levels and increased the amount of paperwork required to get paid.

The concierge service can range in price anywhere from $2,000-$4000 per family member per year, depending on the doctor. This is in addition to what you’d already be paying for your health insurance. You pay this directly to your doctor, to receive perks and additional levels of service.

This service definitely has its benefits, and for people who have the extra money for the extra level of service, I think it would be well worth it.

So I showed the brochure to my office manager, Nikita, who is a business and marketing major at CSUN and asked her opinion about our office doing something like this for our patients. Her response was immediate, and really took me aback. She said: “You already do this for all your patients, but you don’t charge anything extra for it!”

So I started thinking about it, and realized she was right. Every service offered by the MD on the concierge contract is what I do daily for my patients. So she and I thought we should let you know about this, and the level of service you get, and will continue to receive as long as you are an on-going patient of Dr. Randy Martin, OMD.

So here is the list:

*Same day, on-time appointments

*Access to Dr. Martin by email throughout the day, 7 days per week, for both emergencies and routine questions; in the past, if you’ve emailed, you probably didn’t even realize that Dr. Martin may be answering your emails while on a study trip in Asia or vacation in Hawaii, for example.

*Advice in the case of an emergency. In the emergency room, call or email the doctor for immediate advice on how to supplement your traditional Western treatment, whether it be stitches or surgery, with complementary forms of medicine. Dr. Martin loves to integrate Western with complementary medicine. For a small fee, the doctor will even come visit you at home or in the hospital.

*Referrals to Specialists and for Tests: You may not know that Dr. Martin runs many tests, besides just blood. Would you like to know if you have parasites, candida, or have a heavy metal toxicity issue going on? Food allergies, leaky gut? There are specific tests her can refer you to for these also. He will find you the right test panel for whatever it is you have going on.

*Medical Records: Need a review of what homeopathic remedies or herbs you have been taking for a quick refill? No problem find on this page! Dr. Martin keeps everything on computor so he can easily access and email the information anytime you need it.

*Insurance Billing: Dr. Martin does free, same day, electronic insurance billing to all insurance companies. This helps you meet your deductible much faster than waiting for your other doctors insurance billing services to bill your insurance, or having to bill it yourself.

*Travel Referrals: going out of town and need to find an acupuncturist? Just let us know and we will provide a website with referrals of acupuncturists and homeopaths who belong to the same reputable professional organizations Dr. Martin does.

*Treatment for sick kids: Just shoot me an email and we’ll schedule an immediate skype or phone consult for your sick child, and get them up and running in no time.

*Fertility and Birthing: I will go out of my way to arrange my schedule as much as possible to fit your IVF and childbirth schedule. Just add Dr. Martin to your birthing plan at the hospital so we will be allowed to come in and assist with acupuncture and homeopathy.

All these service are free or have a nominal cost – nothing like the $2,000-$4,000 per year the MD conciere service is charging! This is just the way Dr. Martin likes to do business. Clear, simple, efficient, effective, inexpensive, and personal.

All you pay, above and beyond your regular medical insurance copay, is for the doctor’s actual time in answering your questions and travel time. For example, if you have a brief email question, it will be around $5-10; longer email consultations can range from $25-75. And if you live out of the area, we will either help find you a holistic pracitioner in your area, or you can continue to consult with Dr. Martin, as many of his long-term patients do who have moved, via phone, email or skype.

Please email me to schedule your appointment.

~Health Insurance and Worker’s Comp Insurance Is Accepted~

Email for more information.

I look forward to working with you throughout 2014.
*Chinese Herbal Medicine*
*Nutritional Counseling and Diet*

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Holistic Concierge Services
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