Remedies for the Day After


We often overeat at Thanksgiving and feel uncomfortable that night or the day after. Here are some homeopathic remedies to the rescue. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy and try and eat healthy.


Nux vomica: This is probably the most common remedy for those who indulge in food and drink resulting in indigestion. It’s kind of the “morning after” remedy. There is a weight and pain in the stomach and a sour taste in the mouth, with nausea in the morning. The typical emotional feature for this remedy is impatience, in an irritable and chilly person.

Pulsatilla: This is another great remedy for indigestion. The Pulsatilla person may have a pain in the stomach but it’s cause by rich foods, when the Nux vomica person likes spicy foods and cannot tolerate rich foods. The Pulsatilla person is hot and doesn’t like warm food or drinks. The Pulsatilla person is rarely irritable, although they may be when sick. More often they are the nurturing, loving and “earth mother” types. They may be a little on the “wimpy” side, a little tearful and needy. They usually have almost no thirst, and like sleeping with the window open at night.

Antimonium crud: This person can have a great deal of belching and bloating after eating. They often have heartburn with a white-coated tongue and a desire for acid foods and pickles. They are usually also going to be irritable and fretful about everything. They may also be argumentative.

Arsenicum alb: This type of person will have extreme anxiety and restlessness as a part of their indigestion. They may also feel paranoid or even persecuted. They may have a lot of irrational fears, of poisoning, of death, or of getting cancer, for example. Their stomach may feel raw, scraped or burning. Their stool may also burn, with diarrhea. The indigestion of the Arsenicum alb person may begin from indulgence from iced foods, acids, and melons. The person tends to be cold. This is one of the most common remedies for food poisoning.

China: Indigestion might follow from a long illness where the patient became debilitated and dehydrated. Prolonged vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive bleeding from childbirth, a bleeding ulcer or a traumatic accident, for instance, might bring on an indigestion responding very well to China. There may also be flatulence and belching. Eating fruit will make this person’s indigestion worse.

Carbo veg: This remedy is made from charcoal, and people responding well may have a lot of bloating and gas. They will often belch a lot and feel worn out. Often they will fan themselves and feel overheated and hot, even though they may have chills as well. Simple foods may also cause problems, and heartburn and belching liquid may accompany the indigestion.

Lycopodium: People who need Lycopodium will have chronic weak indigestion that cannot tolerate such foods as cabbage, beans peas, etc., all causing a lot of flatulence. This person may feel worse in the late afternoon and have pain on the right side of their body. A sense of fullness after eating only a small amount of food will be common. The personality of this person may be a bit on the bossy side.

There are many other homeopathic and herbal remedies for indigestion. If you can’t find your remedy here, please consult with me and we’ll find it together.


And remember the simple things like Ginger Tea after eating for bloating, nausea or gas.

Happy Thanksgiving – Remedies for the Day After
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