Start Your Morning Off Right!!! GREAT MORNING DRINK

I love this morning supplement routine! And not too expensive. Take a glass of water, and add to it:

1. Emergen-C – my favorite is either Cranberry for urinary health or Heart Health – use one packet. Available at Trader Joes.

2. One scoop of Corvalen – this is a new product made from D-robose. It is designed for muscular health, fibromyalgia, and physical energy. Order directly from Just put in my name as your doctor, open your own account and they will send it to you with 10% off the retail price.

3. One scoop of Greens Formula – this is a great formula for energy, fiber, anti-oxidants and energy. Again you will get a 10% discount if you put in my name.

These three together will give you a buzz. Maybe not like a cup of coffee. But you’re going to feel good after drinking this. If you need a warm beverage as well, then follow it up with a nice cup of green tea, or better yet, bancha twig tea, available from the health food store.

Great Morning Energy Drink Idea 🙂
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