[Submitted by a National Center for Homeopathy Member in Florida]

I’ve tried all kinds of ‘motion-sickness’ medicines in my 50+ years of traveling… over-the-counter and prescription meds, ginger tea, magnet wrist-bands, you name it, I’ve tried it!

I was not very hopeful when my granddaughter (in college, mind you!) suggested I try a homeopathic remedy called Cocculus indicus before I flew to attend her graduation. She even went to the trouble to locate a health food store in my town that carried this medicine. I bought a tube and saved it for the big day!

Before the airport shuttle arrived, I opened the tube and measured out 5 pellets, as indicated. They had barely melted under my tongue by the time I had to climb into the van. The 45 minute trip to the airport was fine despite early morning traffic (I always try to fly in the morning, when the weather is calmer).

It wasn’t until we were airborne that I realized I was fine, really fine! No nausea, no fear…. I rationalized it by telling myself the skies were clear, the flying was smooth, and that’s what I told my granddaughter.

When it was time to fly home, she drove me to the airport. “Have you taken your Cocculus, grandma?” To humor her, I took another 5 pellets. The return flight was much bumpier, and I was shocked when I realized I wasn’t sick and I wasn’t digging my nails into the armrest…. Why didn’t someone tell me about this stuff 40 years ago?

Needless to say, I now carry my Cocculus on every trip!




Dr Martin’s Comments: There are quite a few homeopathic remedies and herbs that are very effective for nausea, anxiety, and travel sickness. Please consult me for the one which is right for your particular symptoms. And – Happy Travels Cool


Fear Of Flying
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