Cold and Flu Season Prevention and Treatment

by Dr Randy Martin, OMD

There is a lot you can do to help boost your immune system during cold and flu season. The three most effective treatments are getting frequent acupuncture sessions, sleeping enough, and eating well.
Here is a list of supplements and homeopathics you can use to boost your immune system, for both prevention and treatment:
Stage 1: The Beginning (can also be used in lower doses for prevention):
The more of these products you can take, the better. After your first experience with these, you will, through trial and error, find which specific combination works best for you. Each person is unique and will respond to a slightly different product mix.
• Vitamin C – 1000 mg, three times per day
• Vitamin E – 400 I.U., two times per day
• Beta Carotene or OPCs (or both) – 25,000 I.U., two times per day
• Jade Screen or Astragalus or Immune+ – Three tablets, three times per day, to be taken on an empty stomach
• Colostrum – One to two tablets per day
• A strong mushroom formula – take as directed on the bottle
• Isatis Gold – Three pills, three times per day
• Yin Chiao or Quell Cold – Four pills, four times per day
• Toxic Heat Formula for sore/strep throat – Six pills, three to four times per day
• Oscillococcinum Homeopathic – As directed on the box
Influenzinum Homeopathic – This is made for the current year’s flu season; be sure to purchase the current version of this remedy
• Speak to your homeopathic practitioner to identify the best homeopathic remedy for your specific symptoms
• Umcka
• Airborne
• Kyolic Garlic
• Eat lots of garlic and onions
• Don’t eat frozen or cold foods, dairy, sugar, gluten, fried food, or fats
• Drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water with honey and a dash of cayenne pepper two times per day
Stage 2: Head Cold:
• Mostly same as above, except Oscillococcinum can be replaced with a
more specific homeopathic for your specific symptoms. Gelsemium, Arsenicum album orAllium cepa are some of the most typical.
Stage 3: The Worst (fever, or other symptoms that won’t stop):
• Mostly same as above, except replace Oscillococcinum with one of the following:
Ferrum phosphoricum 12C for low fever
Belladonna 30C / 200C for high fever
• Gan Mao Ling or Zhong Gan Ling – Four pills, four times per day and Coptis and Scute 6 pills, 4 times per day
• Gan Mao Tuire – One packet in hot water three times per day
• For coughing, add Dispel Cough, Spongia tosta 12C or Hepar sulphuris 12C
• For persistent coughing add Immune+ (four pills, three times per day) and Platycodon & Fruitilaria

I look forward to working with you throughout 2013.
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