Relaxing and Balancing Treatment

to Align the Chakras



What are the Chakra’s? They are the 7 energy centers in the body.


By creating balance in the chakras, you feel more relaxed, less stressed out, and sleep better.


It will also improve your immune and hormone function and help with back and neck pain.


For those of you who have received acupuncture, you will already know how much better you sleep and feel after a treatment.


This type of therapy is complementary to acupuncture, and can be done either alone or combined with your acupuncture treatments.


The treatment is done with this light device called the “Crystal Bed”:





You will lay on your back and the 7 colored crystal lights will flash on and off during the treatment. Each light is aimed at one of the 7 chakras to re-align that chakra with it’s colored flashing light.


The cost is $40/session. I have the device in my Encino office.


Here is another picture of the Chakras and what each of them does for you:




I am also offering a once a month reduced fee the first Thursday of each month for the “tune-up” chakra balancing for $25.


Please email me to schedule your appointment for this Crystal Bed Chakra Balancing type of therapy.


I look forward to working with you throughout 2014.





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Dr Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, PhD, CCH

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Certified Classical Homeopath



Chakra Balancing and Stress Reduction
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