Successful Treatment of Addictions and The 12-Step Programs

THE ROLE OF ADDICTIONS AND TWELVE STEP PROGRAMS IN ACHIEVING OPTIMAL HEALTH By Dr. Randy W. Martin, OMD, PhD, LAc, QME Introduction Twelve Step Programs are extremely effective for many people in helping to control addictive behaviors. But there are

Homeopathic Scientific Research

Here is a good link to an article on Homeopathic Research I wanted to share with you:

How to Withdraw From Medications, Drugs or Succeed at Weight Loss

How to Withdraw More Easily from Prescription Medications, Smoking or Drugs, and Even Succeed at Your Weight Loss or Quit-Smoking Program. It’s important to NEVER stop taking any prescription medications without the advice and support of your Medical Doctor. The

3 Things from Dr. Randy Martin – Enjoy

Three (3) Things to Report from Dr. Randy Martin: 1. Personal Story 2. Homeopathy Interview Live Sound Feed 3. Tax Alert! – – – Acupuncture is NOW a legitimate and Legal TAX Deduction ========== 1. Personal Story: Last weekend, I

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Now Covers Acupuncture Treatments

California Adds Acupuncture to Workers’ Comp Treatment Guidelines By Tina Beychok, Associate Editor of Acupuncture Today Magazine New changes to the administrative guidelines for the state of California that govern appropriate treatment for workers’ compensation cases now include acupuncture as

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