When a person eats enough protein and digests and assimilates that protein, they are well on their way to Optimal Health. But many people have a problem breaking down protein into a form usable by the body.

Proteins in the body and the brain are formed from amino acids. The body builds over 50,000 proteins and over 15,000 known enzymes from amino acids. All enzymes, including digestive enzymes are made from amino acids, sometimes with vitamins acting as co-enzymes and trace minerals.

Without amino acids, vitamins and minerals, we often become irritable, depressed, forgetful, fatigued or unmotivated. A great place to begin, if you feel you may be missing the important amino acids, vitamins or minerals, is to take these 3 specific products (all available through this newsletter):

Free Form Amino Acids. These offer the amino acid precursors, or building blocks, so that your body can manufacture the needed protein.
Phyto-Aloe. This new product is made from freeze dried vegetables; each easy to digest capsule provides the equivalent of 8 oz. of vegetables. This provides the basic vitamins and minerals that most of us lack due to poor eating habits.
Panplex 2 Phase. This is a digestive enzyme which is to be taken with meals to assure you are breaking down and assimilating everything you eat. If you ever have gas, bloating or burping, you may not be digesting your food. So even if you eat well, you are not absorbing the necessary enzymes and nutrients.

Amino Acids and Your Digestion
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