Acupuncture for Facial Wrinkles, Breast Augmentation, and Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever wondered whether acupuncture will really work to enhance your natural beauty?

Many well-known actors regularly receive acupuncture on the face to help tighten the skin and remove facial wrinkles. Some are also receiving acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs for breast enhancement. It’s also become very common for cosmetic surgeons to refer patients for acupuncture both before and after surgery, to help in recovery.

(My thanks to Sandee Whiteman who interviewed me to write this article on facial acupuncture – Facial Acupuncture for Wrinkles Link .)

In Los Angeles, you will find there are so many treatments to help with anti-aging, but one that has been used for centuries, is still making a mark in this decade and that is Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a non-surgical treatment which reduces the signs of aging. The treatment is based on treating not just the facial region, but also the whole body. This is because the face is a reflection of the mind, body, and spirit. By treating the whole person, Dr. Martin can help to bring a natural glow to your skin. The treatment is safe compared to invasive options and it is the only cosmetic treatment that actually treats the whole body and improves the overall health of a person.

Now you may ask: how does it work? Well – I was thinking the same, so decided to get a treatment done on myself, by one of the best in Los Angeles!

Dr Randy Martin, OMD, is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and has three offices in the Los Angeles area. He has been practicing and teaching Acupuncture since 1983. He has published numerous articles on Oriental Medicine, as well produced various audio and videos on a variety of health topics both nationally and internationally. He considers his highest calling to help others become their own healer.

His first two books, 1.) Optimal Health, How to Get It, How To Keep It, and 2.) No Mud, No Lotus, are available on Amazon.

During my initial consultation with Dr. Martin, he asked me several questions regarding my general health and also asked if I may have any specific health concerns. Of course, being a woman at any age, we all have cosmetic health concerns, and I was concerned about the fine lines and a furrow brow line, along with some adult acne and pain in my neck and upper back.

I found it interesting that during the consultation, Dr Martin found that based on my answers I may have digestive problems that would be related to my facial wrinkles. He suggested we work together on the digestive system along with acupuncture points on the face, such as the small fine lines and furrow brow.

Now some may say “Wait…I’m scared of needles!” Well these needles are not your average surgical needles, and Dr Randy Martin said that, “Acupuncture should never hurt.” So this gave me a strong sense of relief…

Dr. Randy Martin uses very thin needles and says these work just as well as some other acupuncturist’s thicker needles. Dr. Martin also uses a guide tube and this helps target each acu-point throughout the body, and further lessons the sensation of the needle. His main focus is to analyze all symptoms of imbalance in the body and mind together, thereby bringing you back into balance…

So after the consultation, the treatment began. It was surprisingly very calming and relaxing. The needles were placed on meridians (invisible energy pathways) on the body. I fell into a deep, relaxed, alpha state for 45 minutes.

After the treatment I noticed that my skin was glowing and that the small lines and furrow brow were less noticeable. I also noticed within a few days that my bowels and digestive system were more regular.

The results are in: Cosmetic Acupuncture WORKS, and is definitely a Cosmetic Treatment on the market that everyone needs to experience for radiant skin and overall mind/body health….

Feel good by taking a trip to one of Dr. Randy Martin’s offices, either in Valencia, Encino or West Los Angeles. For more information visit his website at:, or email Dr. Martin:
Here is another link to an article on cosmetic acupuncture: Hold the Chemicals, Bring On the Needles

Acupuncture for Facial Wrinkles, Breast Augmentation, and Cosmetic Surgery
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