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In the 2009 baseball season, New York Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett played an integral role in his team’s rise to a World Series Championship, and did so without missing a single inning due to injury. For an athlete whose reputation for landing on the injured list had (until then) overshadowed his considerable talent, this was remarkable.

Throughout this career, Burnett suffered from a ruptured ligament in his thumb, a bone bruise, a stress fracture in his right foot, a right shoulder strain, and a host of other injuries that could derail a pitcher’s career.


That all changed when Burnett discovered acupuncture. He credits the therapy with helping him stay healthy. Burnett states, “I found that I responded really well to the acupuncture, how that treated my body and my nerves, and the release of stress.”

The trend isn’t a new one.


The use of acupuncture in professional sports has been growing for a while now.


For instance, National Basketball Association (NBA) stars Yao Ming and Allan Houston have both reported turning to acupuncture treatment to help recover from injuries, as have National Football Association (NFL) standouts Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Many professional sports teams, (including the Yankees) now employ a staff acupuncturist to help them gain a competitive advantage.

Dr. Martin’s Comments: “I’ve seen athletes, and athletic injuries respond very well, and very quickly to acupuncture treatment. Torn ligaments, tennis elbow, swollen knees, neck pain, pulled backs, sciatica, and all kinds of sprains and strains respond exceptionally well.

It’s always funny to see a person’s response to an acupuncture treatment:


First, they are amazed that they never even feel the needles. But they are also surprised when they get up off the table, at how much more relaxed and calm they always feel.



Come on in! You’ll like that “floating feeling” you get on your way out.






Insurance will usually cover the cost of your treatments.


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