German researchers found that acupuncture is an effective treatment for people suffering from tension headaches. Over an 8 week period, this team of acupuncturists in Germany compared a group of people who regularly experienced tension headaches. One group received acupuncture and the control group received no acupuncture and a 3rd group received both conventional Western treatments and acupuncture. The headache rate in the group given the acupuncture and the group that received acupuncture and traditional Western treatments was the same — 7 fewer days of headaches in the 4 weeks following the treatments. The control group, which received no treatments, had only 1 1/2 fewer days of headaches. According to the researchers, acupuncture cut the rate of headaches by nearly half.

Source: “Acupuncture shown to relieve tension headaches,” July 29, 2005:


According to a study reported in the July 2005 issue of Fertility and Sterility, acupuncture may improve sperm quality in male infertility. Of the 40 men in the study, 28 received acupuncture twice weekly for 5 weeks. Their semen samples were then randomized with semen samples from the 12 men in the untreated control group. The results showed a positive effect on sperm concentration and motility, and an increase in testosterone in the treated group.

The study also showed an increase of normally shaped sperm and a decrease in abnormal sperm.

Source: Laurie, Barclay, MD, “Acupuncture May Improve Sperm Quality,” Medscape Medical News, July 25, 2005: (July 29, 2005)


According to the July/August 2004 issue of Homeopathy Today, there are a number of effective homeopathic remedies which have been used by doctors to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The following remedies can be used in either 6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X or 30C, and taken either once, twice or three times per day. The first to try is always Arnica. Apply it both topically and in potency for a new flare up of CTS.

Causticum is used for long lasting or recurring CTS. There may be a feeling of contraction of the tendons and muscles, stiffness, weakness and even atrophy of the muscles. Ruta grav is the remedy used when the overuse of the area brings a bruised and aching sensation. For Ruta grav to be effective, there is often a previous injury, or sprain to the tendons and ligaments in the arm. Rhus tox is often indicated when the pain is better when there is movement or use of the area and it’s worse when the arms are at rest.

Finally, I often use the oil of Vitamin E rubbed on the arms as well as the use of vitamin B-6, in the form of P5P. The use of acupuncture points P6 and TH7 are also commonly used effectively.


The question of overdue babies is a vexing one, because doctors and midwives can often disagree over the baby’s exact due date. When unnecessary intervention or Cesareans are the last resort, it is often a good idea to immediately start with acupuncture and homeopathy. I have often been called in, with almost 100% success, to help bring on labor in a delayed pregnancy.

A few doses of Caulophyllum or Pulsatilla will often start a labor when combined with some stagetically placed acupuncture points. If the baby is ready to come out and the mother’s body is correspondingly ready to deliver, a woman can take a dose of 30C or 200C daily for two days. If labor doesn’t start after the second day, then another homeopathic remedy and additional acupuncture points should be chosen. For Caulophyllum to be effective, the woman will usually be in an anxious state, and in Pulsatilla, the emotional state will be more weepy and sad.

Acupuncture and Homeopathy for Headaches, Pregnancy, Fertility and other Issues
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