If you are willing to try something different but effective to treat your auto-immune disease, then this article is for you.

Auto Immune Disease?
~20% Acupuncture Discount~
Natural Treatment Alternatives
by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD

I’d like to share with you some natural alternative and effective treatments for those suffering with auto-immune problems such as:

*Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease
*IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
*MS – Multiple Sclerosis
*SA – Psoriatic Arthritis
*Celiac Disease – allergy to gluten
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*SLE – Lupus

Acupuncture, Classical Homeopathic Medicine, Chinese Herbs, and Nutritional Counseling will help you to get rid of the symptoms and, in many cases, actually reverse the disease.

I’ll perform a tongue and pulse diagnosis, and determine your Chinese diagnosis. I’ll also discuss all of your individualized symptoms, and find you a personalized homeopathic remedy. And based on your blood work, I’ll work out a nutritional program with the correct supplements, and your optimal diet.

If you are confused about which supplements will work for you, or which diet to follow, and you are open to trying acupuncture, homeopathy, and Chinese herbs, then let me help you….. based on my 30+ years of experience.

I’m offering you 20% off your initial consultation and acupuncture, when you purchase a package of 10 treatments. Please email me for more information. This deal only applies to new patients or patients who I’ve not seen in over 6 months.

Insurance is also accepted in most cases.

20% Auto-Immune Alternative Treatments
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