$395 Comprehensive Homeopathic Consult




This is a comprehensive homeopathic health consultation, including your childhood history and family history. For those of you who want to really get to the heart of what is going on, I will select the homeopathic remedy based on your homeopathic intake form and talking about your health past and needs and your current situation. See forms button on my website.

Includes a discussion of blood, nutrition and herbs, if you desire, although many people select this one because they only want to delve further into homeopathy alone. That is up to you or we can discuss at time of consult.

May be done in office, or by phone, Skype or email. Whichever is your preference. Note that most homeopaths with my experience charge $1000-$1500 for this type of in depth consultation.

$395 Comprehensive Homeopathic Consult
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