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Women's Health
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Pediatric - Children
Energy & Rejuvenation
Cardiovascular Health
Yin/Yang Balance
Sight & Vision
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Sleep & Stress
Emotional Well-Being
Weight Loss
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Homeopathic First Aid Kit

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Stool Test - parasites/yeast
Hair Test

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Back Revolution


:: Clean Your Air ::

NanoBreeze Room Cleaner
Austin Air Allergy Machine
Austin Healthmate Jr.
Plasmatron Ozone Machine
VI-2000 Negative Ion Machine
Bioguard Personal Portable Ozone Generator

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Dr. Martin's video: "PMS No-More"
Dr. Martin's book: "Optimal Health: How to Get It, How to Keep It"

NEW: AUDIO CD: Dr. Martin speaking on Homeopathic Treatment for Depression and Anxiety. This 1 hour talk given in June of 2004 covers all the basic concepts in homeopathic medicine plus it gives you some of the most common remedies for treating depression and anxiety.

:: Miscellaneous ::

Health Equations Blood Test Analysis

For any Customer Service concerns, or for more information,
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Complete diagnosis requires careful observation by a trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine. For in-depth discussions of Chinese Medicine and diagnosis, please see Dr. Randy Martin’s book "Optimal Health: How to Get It, How to Keep It".

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