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Video Recordings by Dr. Martin

Brief Introduction and Patient Testimonials



Optimal Health
-Introduction to Dr. Martin's Holistic Approach to Medicine - 7 minutes

Optimal Health
-Introduction to Dr. Martin's Holistic Approach to Medicine - 7 minutes

Biography/Credentials - 4 minutes

PMS No More - Preview of Dr. Martin's DVD - 3 minutes

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Holistic Health/Acupuncture Demonstration

Dr. Randy Martin as a gymnast Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture

Dr. Martin on Extra News Segment Dr. Martin on Acupuncture News Segment Holistic Health Cable Show News Segment Dr Martin KDOC TV Interview 1992 - 22 minutes

KDOC 1990 - 22 minutes

Cardiovascular Health - 1992 Cable Interview with Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin Ryokan College Interview 1992

Allergies Lecture - West Hollywood Wild Oats

Dr Martin KABC 1990 City View - 22 minutes

Dr. Martin KABC Homeopathy 1990 - 3.5 minutes

Dr. Martin Depression and Homeopathy - 20 minutes

Audio Recordings By Dr. Martin

Radio Interview 5/17 Click Here

Alternative Health for Women

Using Classical Homoepathy to Treat Anxiety and Depression

Optimal Health Your Birthright


The Aware Show - Interview with Dr. Martin - 31 minutes

Interview on KPFK

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Dr. Randy Martin

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